Missoni (for Target) Madness

Yesterday morning I thought all my dreams of chevron print sweaters were crushed. I had early morning plans to be at Target by 8 am to pick up my list of “must haves” from Target’s newest Go International collaboration with Missoni. However, real life called and required my attention. My sweet husband saved the day and offered to head to our nearby store to pick everything up for me.

He scored everything he came for, minus the cute little throw. I’m not even a flats type of girl but these are by far my favorite purchase.
They are just the cutest little ballet flats, I expect I’ll be getting quite a bit of mileage out of them this fall. I’m already imagining myself walking the dog in my cute new flats and tunic. Also the packaging is adorable:

When I get a chance I’ll post pictures of the rest of the goods and my reviews. He was smart and bought everything in two sizes, which is lucky since I’ve found it all runs a little big. Even the smaller of the two sizes seems too big with a lot of the knit dresses. Maybe my loss will be someone else’s gain though. I’m also not expecting the knits to hold up, most of them are mainly acrylic. It is Target though.

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