Japanese Raw Denim

I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. While on a recent trip to Arizona I discovered what I think is the perfect denim brand.

Naked & Famous is a Canadian denim company that exclusively uses Japanese raw denim to make an amazing pair of jeans. Their jeans are simple with no extreme washes, jewels or unnecessary stitching. I love the simplicity of their jeans, but my favorite thing is the quality of denim used. They import all the fabric from Japan and the Japanese denim mills are known for offering the finest materials in the world. (Leave it to the Japanese, they are always superior at all things beautiful.) I was instantly in love with Naked & Famous after trying on my first pair. These are the type of jeans I use to dream about and now I own 4 pairs. The quality is superior and the fit is perfect. I am a tall/skinny guy (I wear a 29×34) who has a difficult time finding a skinny cut denim that fits my waist and legs perfectly. Naked & Famous Denim are a new staple in my daily fashion.
Did I mention they are sensibly priced? I expected to pay over $300 a pair but I scored mine at Barney’s New York for under $150. My favorite cut is the “Skinny Guy”(pictured below), but I also have a few pairs of the “Weird Guy”.
My life has forever been changed by the kind Canadians at Naked & Famous.
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