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Dry Shampoo

My ethnic hair tends to be really dry and brittle at the ends but super oily at the roots. It’s frustrating having a greasy head but I don’t want to wash daily and further damage my ends.

Enter dry shampoo.
Since discovering dry shampoo I wash my hair twice a week, and use dry shampoo to refresh it between washes. The powder absorbs any oils and leaves your hair smelling fresh. That is, if it’s a good product. In my search for the perfect dry shampoo, I’ve come across many that leave a dull residue in my hair, make my hair stiff as hell, or that run out with one use.
So….here’s what I like 🙂
Cheapie pick-
Batiste Dry Shampoo; available at most drug stores $5.99-$7.99
I love this dry shampoo for a number of reasons. Not only does it work but it’s cheap! Perfect for the budget conscious. It comes in 3 scents: Original (slightly chemical smelling), Blush (floral/powdery), and Tropical (Coconut). Does exactly what a dry shampoo should do. It leaves my hair smelling good and gives it some extra body. The only con is that it does leave a lot of gray/white residue which wouldn’t be noticeable on lighter hair colors but with my jet black hair I have to spend a little extra time rubbing the product in and brushing it out. For the price, that extra 60 seconds is worth it.
Mid range-
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo; available at Sephora $11

Make sure you get the bottled powder and not the spray. I’ve tried both and it seems like the spray goes a lot faster. It’s also nice not surrounding yourself in a cloud of aerosol spray and just sprinkling a little powder onto your head. The powder does a great job of absorbing excess oils and leaves your hair with a light lemon-y scent.
Frederic Fekkai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo; available at Sephora $23
My favorite dry shampoo because of the all natural ingredients. Sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, made from cotton fiber, corn starch and rice starch. Like the previous product, this one is a powder you can shake onto your head. The powder is very fine, and doesn’t show up stark white on brunettes. It does a great job of freshening up your hair but at the same time helps to prevent dirt buildup. I find this product I can use even less  than I do most dry shampoos. If I’m going 3 days without a wet wash, Frederic Fekkai’s dry shampoo can get me through day 2-3 with only 1 application. Worth the extra cash.
Besides just saving time, not washing your hair as often has many other benefits. You’re not washing it, so obviously you aren’t blow drying and flat ironing it. Reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair is going to make it softer and result in fewer split ends. You’re also saving your color! Fewer washes is going to keep your color much, much longer. Especially if you’re still using a sulfate based shampoo (bad news, switch asap!).

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