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And I must give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts.

With the 90’s trends coming back in full force, I can’t help but think of my all time favorite movie, Clueless. Much to my parent’s encouragement, Cher Horowitz became my fashion icon. I ditched my oversized grunge looks for smaller, tighter and cleaner pieces. The brilliant thing about Clueless was the fact that they were able to take some of the biggest trends of the 90’s and reinvent them for the girls of Beverly Hills High. Yeah, Courtney Love was rockin’ knee highs, mini’s, crop tops, and plaid before Cher Horowitz hit the scene, but Cher made it all her own. No more holes, rips, stains…to me this is pure unadulterated 90’s heaven. My parent’s couldn’t have been more overjoyed…until they saw the price tags (Pretty sure Azzedine Alaia can thank Amy Heckerling for introducing every teen girl in America to his brand).

With spring on it’s way, what better way to celebrate than a short skirt and thigh highs? Only this time around I have my own credit cards.  Crop top sweaters over long chiffon oxfords, peter pan collars, knee highs, mini skirts, blazers…. perfection.

In celebration- My always and forever style icon- Cher Horowitz, revamped for 2012.Clueless 2012

Flared dress
£28 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Crumpet long sleeve cardigan
$395 – net-a-porter.com

Madewell boyfriend shirt
$68 – madewell.com

Chiffon top
£36 – topshop.com

Cream sweater
£15 – axparis.co.uk

Rag bone plaid jacket
$450 – stylebop.com

Toast corduroy skirt
£40 – toast.co.uk

Miu Miu bubble skirt
$1,190 – net-a-porter.com

Woolrich socks
$9 – woolrich.com

Steve Madden over the knee boot socks
$10 – stevemadden.com

Urban outfitter
$18 – urbanoutfitters.com

Checkered tight
$15 – modcloth.com

Miu Miu peep toe high heels
$475 – mytheresa.com

Steve Madden peep toe shoes
$100 – stevemadden.com

ALDO backpack bag
$72 – asos.com

ASOS hair accessory
$14 – asos.com
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Sable, but not the animal or the wrestler.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been told that I am the epitome of a girly girl, and I could not agree more. I love all things luxe (and usually silk) paired with a fabulously classic pair of heels and equally fabulous jewelry. Timeless garb is the name of my game and I’ve never met a wrap dress that I didn’t like. Anything that makes my natural waist look impossibly small for my tall curvy frame is in. Feminine clothing with a chic and subtle sex appeal owns me.

From the drug store to the department store I am a total cosmetics junkie. I used to use my mom’s Estée Lauder  makeup thinking that my covert makeup skills would never give me away. It was at that moment I was forced to give up my six-year-old life dream of becoming the next James Bond and accept that the lilac and emerald hued evidence on my face was in no way doing me any services. That is until I was introduced to MAC at thirteen, then I knew I was committed to try every little pot of powdery color perfection that I could. And I did. Fast forward thirteen years and here I am, still finding myself with the impulsive need to try every possible product I come across, whether it be Gwen Stefani endorsed  L’Oréal  mascara or the new Smashbox Camera Ready Cream.

My motto has always been to be “classy with a healthy dose of fun” which I try to emulate in my appearance as well as my attitude. I think this pertains to everything in life, including beauty, fashion and decor.  Enjoy life while having fun with it, and never take anything (including yourself) too seriously.


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K is for Kiesha

Let me first just say that I am completely infatuated with shoes. I am almost positive that this was a result of my mother’s love for shoes (though we now have vastly different tastes). I remember trying on a pair of her Louis Vuitton mules at age 5 and thinking, “High heels make you a lady”. I still subscribe to that little piece of advice, shoes definitely make the woman. A great pair of heels can transform a pair of jeans and a worn t-shirt into a sexy “I’m just running errands, no big deal” look.

Outside of my love for shoes, I am also a skin care devotee. I’ve worked in skin care and anti-aging for years now and have become a hardcore advocate for quality ingredients and proper skin care education. My favorite skin care tip: skip the harsh exfoliants, mix a teaspoon full of baking soda into your favorite cleanser. Me? I keep it basic with the tried and true, dermatologist loved, Cetaphil.

As for my style? I would say it’s pretty eclectic. I’m a recovering black-o-holic, and other than accessories I have a hard time really committing to color. I’ve seen the error of my ways and I’m working on it… slowly. Lately though I’m obsessed with 70’s-esque silhouettes, funky platforms, wooden heels, and good ole Americana. Shake that up with the remnants of almost 10 years in head-to-toe black and you have a Kiesha cocktail.

OH and one of the saddest days of my life was when Domino Magazine got the axe. RIP.

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