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K is for Kiesha

Let me first just say that I am completely infatuated with shoes. I am almost positive that this was a result of my mother’s love for shoes (though we now have vastly different tastes). I remember trying on a pair of her Louis Vuitton mules at age 5 and thinking, “High heels make you a lady”. I still subscribe to that little piece of advice, shoes definitely make the woman. A great pair of heels can transform a pair of jeans and a worn t-shirt into a sexy “I’m just running errands, no big deal” look.

Outside of my love for shoes, I am also a skin care devotee. I’ve worked in skin care and anti-aging for years now and have become a hardcore advocate for quality ingredients and proper skin care education. My favorite skin care tip: skip the harsh exfoliants, mix a teaspoon full of baking soda into your favorite cleanser. Me? I keep it basic with the tried and true, dermatologist loved, Cetaphil.

As for my style? I would say it’s pretty¬†eclectic. I’m a recovering black-o-holic, and other than accessories I have a hard time really committing to color. I’ve seen the error of my ways and I’m working on it… slowly. Lately though I’m obsessed with 70’s-esque silhouettes, funky platforms, wooden heels, and good ole Americana. Shake that up with the remnants of almost 10 years in head-to-toe black and you have a Kiesha cocktail.

OH and one of the saddest days of my life was when Domino Magazine got the axe. RIP.

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